alessandro villa

architectural and design studio

Independent practice that works with spaces and artifacts, ideas and significance.
Our activity covers interiors, architecture, research and design consulting.


Alessandro Villa design work is flanked by research, also supported by a long term collaboration with university. Teaching is an occasion to think, to organize ideas, to develop culture and to transmit it, as well as journalism offers the occasion to investigate a wider scenario.

Research activities are mainly focused on the use of materials in interiors and architectural design according to aesthetical, technological and intellectual issues.
The analysis of materials is led by the effort to catch the design meaning, to understand the expressive power revealed by matter.


Natural/artificial is a series of lectures focused on the delicate transition which exists between an idea and the execution of such an idea in terms of materials, surfaces, and technologies used.
Textures, colors and patterns are observed according to the perceptual stimulation that they exert upon the observer.

Each lecture identifies a main-stream “sensitivity”, a way of reading the continuous evolution of materials through their exemplary application in a wide collection of projects that embraces all the arts, from graphic design to cinema, from literature to contemporary art.

Lectures content:

_ nature of materials
_ shell and skin
_ image and material
_ vibrant colors
_ immaterial reflections
_ hard surfaces
_ hatched textures
_ time perception
_ living matter
_ soft vs hard