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Independent practice that works with spaces and artifacts, ideas and significance.
Our activity covers interiors, architecture, research and design consulting.

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Study for urban park and youth center in the former City Market. The historic context suggested a respectful approach of the local structures and a fluid layout of spaces. The structure was conceived as a new garden for the city full of lively activities. The existing pavilions, restored and reused to house new activities and services, are organized by light, modular and flexible furnishing. "Iconic" structures immediately identify services, selected through a process of e-democracy that involved the citizens. The project includes the construction of sports facilities, a skate park, an event space, music production spaces, creative workshops for graphic arts, study rooms and exhibition space.    

client: Monza Municipality
location: Monza

workshop concept and management: Alessandro Villa
design team: Alice Guardassoni

 - Alessandro Villa architect
 - Alessandro Villa architect
 - Alessandro Villa architect