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Nivea beauty vision - Alessandro Villa architect

Nivea beauty vision

What will be our idea of beauty in the future? To develop a new vision on the contemporary concept of beauty is the goal of a research project to identify possible future trends.  It’s a prodromal investigation of new product concepts sponsored by the historical brand Nivea in the occasion of the company's centenary.
Research and design activities were conducted at Politecnico di Milano, precisely the Laboratory of Fashion and in collaboration with Nivea Lab, an advanced section of company marketing department. Beauty trends are compared with the evolution of urban life style. A peculiar attention to soft qualities and sensory perceptions is the inspiration source  to design new products, profiles, logics of communication and in-store distribution.  

Timeless beauty
The project has highlighted a new relationship between beauty and "time", an endless relationship that renews and repeats in daily body care.
On the one hand the research project outlines the possibility to cultivate beauty with small gestures, always-available products and easy to use services. On the other hand the need for an instantaneous “beauty consumption”, here and now,  creates a vision of “instant use” cosmetic products for situations not always predictable during the day.  

Beauty and personality
The widespread idea of inner​​ spiritual beauty evolves in a more intimate and personal sphere that creates beauty by all gestures devoted to self-care. Alternative to this view, but not competing, emerges an opposite perspective that beauty is expressed in relation to others, not as a performance, but as interaction and in some cases as a sharing occasion . Both these visions attach great importance to the skin as a surface of "contact" between the individual and the outside world, as a receptor of sensations and as a body suit to protect and care for.

client: Beiersdorf SPA, Italia
location: MIlan
workshop concept and management: Alessandro Villa
workshop director: Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis
workshop team: Giovanni Conti

above: DON'T HIDE IT, Cheng Biynyi, Zhanh Linwei; Zhu Rui

nivea politecnico - Alessandro Villa architect
IBRIDO, Federica Boeri, Valentina Caratozzolo, Federica Gravati, Sara Miselli.
nivea politecnico - Alessandro Villa architect
nivea politecnico - Alessandro Villa architect
ISTANTANEITA’, Paola Monti, Francesca Occhionero.
 - Alessandro Villa architect
SENSO ESPANSO, Elisabetta Bertulli, Matteo Jorge Serra, Valentina Tolfo, Grazia Torre.
nivea politecnico - Alessandro Villa architect
nivea politecnico - Alessandro Villa architect
PLAY, Federica Magnoli, Annamaria Patera, Elisabetta Pomari, Federica Sala.
nivea politecnico - Alessandro Villa architect
DON'T HIDE IT, Cheng Biynyi, Zhanh Linwei; Zhu Rui